Our Story

Our Story


Mirth Designs is the partnership between Francesca Delfin Preponis and Kari Rahni. Francesca and Kari bring their passion for anything beautifully handmade to design and create everything from felted creations for children, most notably their heirloom celebration crowns, to decor for special events to stylish handpoured scented candles and lots in between. Kari and Francesca offer group classes in needle felting, hoping to spread the love of wool art. 

Our working together is a series of love stories. Not the kind of love story you’re thinking, though, but a love of needle felting, the joys of partnering creatively with someone of like-mind, a love of Waldorf education aesthetic. These intersecting  things happened at about the same time intertwining the experience to what we now call Mirth Designs.

Our kids were in the same toddler class at a local Waldorf school. We were cutting our teeth on Waldorf education, where handwork and natural materials is a way of life. We started meeting weekly with a group of moms trying out handwork mediums and letting the kids play together. It was on one of those meetings where we first put needle to roving. A little felt heart ornament. They were honestly not that pretty, but it was so fun! Especially hanging out with like-minded people, chatting, children playing happily nearby, using our creativity in a way we hadn’t before -- that was so peaceful and heart-opening.

We continued by helping that same school with its Harvest Faire. We partnered for the first time sort of accidentally in helping the parents design and make items to be sold. These items were such a hit that others around us told us we should make them to sell in stores. We looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders and said, “okay!” I mean, we were having so much fun, worked so well together and trusted one another’s creative eye. Why not?!

That WHY NOT has turned into Mirth Designs. We are grateful that our products have been well-received and are honored to be a part of so many lives. The best thing in the world is to work hard to make something beautiful and then see it on a beaming child, knowing it will be treasured for years to come.

We each have two children of the same ages - 6 years old and 3 years old. The older ones are in kindergarten in the mornings and the little ones, like siblings, play together and squabble alternating by the moment.

If you're interested in a custom product, design, group class or just want that Mirth look for your product or event, please contact us. We are looking forward to collaborating with you to design just the thing that makes your heart go pitter pat.

A day in the life: a work morning:

9:00 drop off big kids at school
9:25 pour large cup of coffee
9:30   start felting; brainstorm ideas on a new product
9:35 one then both of the little ones have to pee
9:41 “...so what was your idea on the new product?” Felting.
9:49 little ones ask for snack
9:50 make snack
10:05 “what were we saying?” Felting.
10:16 facilitate negotiations between squabbling toddlers
10:20 more coffee, sit down and begin felting again
10:29 “Mama, pooop!”
10:35 one idea articulated. Felting.
10:55 “there’s sand on my hands”
10:58 felting
11:20 more negotiations
11:24 felting
11:43 “I’m hungry”, make lunch
12:20 felting
12:34 “can you read a book to me?” read three books
12:49 felting
12:55 pack up and leave to pick up big kids